Meet Our Authors

At, we are privileged to have a talented team of 7 content creators who work hard to provide our readers with high-quality Islamic content. Our authors come from diverse backgrounds but share a common passion for spreading beneficial knowledge through their writing.

The senior editors leading our author team are Abdullah and Hashmi. With years of experience in Islamic research and content creation, they ensure that all articles published on our website adhere to authentic sources and provide value to readers. Their expertise spans Quranic exegesis, hadith literature, Islamic jurisprudence, and history.

Supporting our senior editors are 5 diligent writers – Ayesha, Omer, Ali, Fatima, and Yusuf. Each of them brings their unique writing style and perspective on Islam. Ayesha and Fatima add a female voice to our diverse author group. Omer and Yusuf focus on simplifying complex religious concepts for younger audiences. Ali has a creative flair for engaging storytelling in his articles.

Together, our team strives to live up to the vision of – making Islamic knowledge accessible to all. We thank our readers for putting their trust in us as their source of Islamic literature and hope to continue enlightening minds for many years to come!