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Surah Al Anam is the sixth chapter of the Quran and one of the most important chapters for Muslims. It contains 165 verses that provide mankind with numerous spiritual and moral lessons. Download the Surah Anam PDF for free today and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

The name “Al Anam” translates from Arabic to mean “The Cattle”, referring to a passage within which God commands humans to take care of all animals.

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Surah Al-Anam Benefits

  • Whoever recites the first three verses of Surah Anam will receive benefits equivalent to earning 40,000 angels because of their acts of devotion to the Day of Judgment. The solicitations of the devil will not be able to enter their heart.
  • The devout individual who recites Surah Anam benefits from the complete seriousness with which he watches, and focuses on the meaning of the verses without speaking a word until the end of the recitation, and has been blessed with the favor of Allah with forgiveness for all past errors.
  • If a person writes this surah with musk or saffron and then adds it to the water for six consecutive days, that person will be blessed extremely and will remain healthy and free from any impediments and illnesses. She will not lose her health or succumb to disease or illness.
  • Dua’s acceptance in Surah Anam, itself, is a Secret.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surah Anfal

In Which Para Is Surah Anam?

Surah Anam is in the 8th Para.

How Many Ruku Are There in Surah Anam?

There are 20 Rukus in Surah Anam.

How Long Does It Take to Read Surah Anam?

Surah Anam takes 25 minutes to read completely.

If you can’t read Surah Anam in Arabic, you can download an Urdu translation of Surah Anam.

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