Surah Hadid PDF [Download with Translation]

Looking for a PDF of Surah Hadid? Look no further. Surah Hadid is the 57th chapter of the Quran, and it contains 29 verses. The name “Hadid” means “Iron” in Arabic.

Surah Hadid PDF – Download Full Arabic Translation

You can download Surah Hadid from the link below by clicking on it Instantly, in pdf form. You can read Surah Hadid very quickly on any device.

Download Surah Hadid PDF

The surah goes on to discuss a variety of topics, including the importance of giving in charity, the fate of those who reject faith, and the ultimate victory of believers over disbelievers. One notable verse is 57:4, which states:

"He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days; then He mounted the Throne.

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surah hadid page 1
surah hadid page 1

Frequently Asked Questions about Surah Hadid

What is the meaning of the name “Hadid” in Surah Hadid?

The name “Hadid” means “Iron” in Arabic.

What is the theme of Surah Hadid?

The theme of Surah Hadid is the power and sovereignty of Allah, as well as the importance of living a life of faith and righteousness. The surah emphasizes the transitory nature of this world and the ultimate victory of believers over disbelievers.

What are some benefits of reciting Surah Hadid?

Reciting Surah Hadid can have numerous benefits for believers, including strengthening of faith, protection from calamities, increase in provision, and encouragement to give in charity.

How many verses are in Surah Hadid?

Surah Hadid contains 29 verses in total.

Surah Hadid Benefits

  • Strengthening of Faith: Surah Hadid emphasizes the power and sovereignty of Allah, and reciting it can help strengthen one’s faith in Him.
  • Reminder of the Transitory Nature of This World: The surah reminds us that this world is temporary and that the ultimate victory belongs to Allah and those who believe in Him.
  • Encouragement to Give in Charity: Surah Hadid encourages believers to give in charity, reminding us that the wealth we accumulate in this world is temporary and that giving in charity is a means of earning Allah’s reward.
  • Increase in Provision: Reciting Surah Hadid regularly can help increase one’s provision and sustenance, as Allah is the ultimate provider.
  • Protection from Calamities: Surah Hadid provides protection from calamities and hardships, as it emphasizes the power and sovereignty of Allah and reminds us that He is in control of all things.

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A PDF version of Surah Hadid is widely available online for those who wish to read or recite it.