Surah Hujurat PDF [Download with Translation]

Download Surah Hujurat in PDF format with translations, available on our websites for your consistent reading. Surah Al-Hujurat is the 49th chapter of the Qur’an and is composed of 18 verses.

Surah Hujurat PDF – Download Full Arabic Translation

You can download Surat Hujurat from the link below by clicking the button on it Instantly. You can read Surat Hujurat easily and very quickly on any device.

Download Surah Hujurat PDF

The surah is primarily concerned with social etiquette and manners, emphasizing the importance of respect, unity, and sincerity in the Muslim community. It contains teachings on how to behave towards Allah, the Prophet, and fellow believers, as well as the consequences of negative actions such as gossip, suspicion, and arrogance.

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Surah Hujurat Benefits

Some of the benefits of reciting and reflecting on Surah Al-Hujurat include:

  1. Promoting unity and brotherhood: Surah Al-Hujurat teaches Muslims to avoid suspicion, backbiting, and spreading rumors about one another. Instead, it emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, kindness, and treating others with respect and dignity.
  2. Fostering good character: Surah Al-Hujurat emphasizes the importance of honesty, humility, and moderation in speech and behavior. It reminds Muslims to be mindful of their words and actions and to seek Allah’s forgiveness when they make mistakes.
  3. Strengthening family ties: Surah Al-Hujurat encourages Muslims to honor and respect their parents, maintain close ties with their relatives, and to be kind and compassionate towards their neighbors.
  4. Promoting social justice: Surah Al-Hujurat emphasizes the importance of fairness and justice in all aspects of life, including business transactions, legal disputes, and social interactions. It encourages Muslims to speak out against injustice and oppression and to work towards a just and equitable society.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Surah Hujurat

In which para is Surah Hujurat?

Surah Hujurat is in the 26th para.

How Many Ruku Are There in Surah Hujurat?

There are 2 ruku in Surah Hujurat.

How Long Does It Take to Read Surah Hujurat?

It takes 4 minutes to complete Surah Hujurat.

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