Surah Jathiyah PDF [Download with Translation]

Download Surah Jathiyah with translations in PDF format from our websites for consistent reading. Surah Al-Jathiyah is the 45th (surah) of the Quran, consisting of 37 verses.

Surah Jathiyah PDF – Download Full Arabic Translation

You can download Surat Jathiyah from the link below by clicking the button on it Instantly. You can read Surat Jathiyah easily and very quickly on any device.

Download Surah Jathiyah PDF

The name “Al-Jathiyah” means “the Kneeling,” and it is taken from the first verse of the surah, which describes the Day of Judgment when all creatures will kneel before Allah.

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Surah Jathiyah Benefits

Some of the benefits of Surah Al-Jathiya are:

  1. Guidance: Surah Al-Jathiya offers guidance and wisdom to the believers. It reminds us of Allah’s power, the Day of Judgment, and the importance of seeking His guidance.
  2. Increase in faith: Reciting Surah Al-Jathiya can increase a person’s faith and belief in Allah. It encourages believers to have complete trust and reliance on Allah and to seek His help in all matters.
  3. Forgiveness: Surah Al-Jathiya contains verses that emphasize the importance of seeking forgiveness from Allah. It reminds us that Allah is the Most Merciful and Forgiving, and He will forgive our sins if we repent and seek His forgiveness sincerely.
  4. Protection: Surah Al-Jathiya is also known for its protective nature. Reciting it can protect us from evil and harm, both physical and spiritual.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Surah Jathiyah

In which para is Surah Jathiyah?

Surah Jathiyah is in the 25th para.

How Many Ruku Are There in Surah Jathiyah?

There are 4 ruku in Surah Jatiyah.

How Long Does It Take to Read Surah Jatiyah?

It takes 8 minutes to complete Surah Jathiyah.

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