Surah Luqman PDF [Download with Translation]

Download Luqman Naml in PDF with translations from our site to read it daily. Surah Luqman is the 31st chapter of the Quran and it consists of 34 verses. This surah is named after Luqman, a wise man mentioned in the surah, who is believed to have been a renowned sage in ancient Arabia.

Surah Luqman PDF – Download Full Arabic Translation

You can download Surah Luqman from the link below by clicking the button on it Instantly. You can read Surah Luqman easily and very quickly on any device.

Download Surah Luqman PDF

The surah begins by emphasizing the importance of gratitude to God and the importance of following His guidance. It then goes on to describe the characteristics of a true believer, including humility, patience, and gratitude.

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Surah Luqman Benefits

Some of these benefits are:

  1. Guidance: Surah Luqman provides guidance to its readers on how to live a righteous life according to the teachings of Islam. It contains many verses that encourage people to follow the right path and avoid the wrong one.
  2. Wisdom: Surah Luqman is named after Luqman the Wise, and it contains many verses that impart wisdom to its readers. It teaches people to be patient, grateful, and humble, and to seek knowledge and wisdom in all aspects of life.
  3. Remembrance of Allah: Surah Luqman contains many verses that remind people of Allah’s greatness and power. It encourages readers to remember Allah and to seek His guidance and protection.
  4. Protection from Evil: Surah Luqman contains verses that protect its readers from evil and negative influences. Reciting these verses can help ward off the influence of the devil and protect against negative energies.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Surah Luqman

In which para is Surah Luqman?

Surah Luqman is in the 21th para.

How Many Ruku Are There in Surah Luqman?

There are 4 ruku in Surah Luqman.

How Long Does It Take to Read Surah Luqman?

It takes 7 minutes to complete Surah Luqman.