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Surah Takwir is a powerful surah from the Quran that speaks about the coming of Judgment Day and the end of time. Surah Takwir PDF read online or download for regular reading.

Surah Takwir PDF – Download Full Arabic Translation

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It is one of the most oft-recited surahs in Muslim prayer, as it serves as a reminder to believers that God will bring about justice and reward those who have been faithful. The Surah Takwir provides an easy way for Muslims to read this important part of their religion in its written and recited forms.

The Surah Takwir PDF consists of 29 verses, which are divided into three sections. The first section talks about how God will bring down His wrath on those who reject Him, while the second portion deals with how He will judge all people according to their deeds. The third part outlines how Allah will reward good-doers according to their faithfulness and sincerity toward Him.

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Surah Takwir English Translation

  1. When the sun is put out,
  2. and when the stars fall down,
  3. and when the mountains are blown away,
  4. and when pregnant camels are left untended,
  5. and when wild beasts are gathered together,
  6. and when the seas are set on fire,
  7. and when the souls ˹and their bodies˺ are paired ˹once more˺,
  8. and when baby girls, buried alive, are asked
  9. for what crime they were put to death,
  10. and when the records ˹of deeds˺ are laid open,
  11. and when the sky is stripped away,
  12. and when the Hellfire is fiercely flared up,
  13. and when Paradise is brought near—
  14. ˹on that Day˺ each soul will know what ˹deeds˺ it has brought along.
  15. I do swear by the receding stars
  16. which travel and hide,
  17. and the night as it falls
  18. and the day as it breaks!
  19. Indeed, this ˹Quran˺ is the Word of ˹Allah delivered by Gabriel,˺ a noble messenger-angel,
  20. full of power, held in honour by the Lord of the Throne,
  21. obeyed there ˹in heaven˺, and trustworthy.
  22. And your fellow man is not insane.
  23. And he did see that ˹angel˺ on the clear horizon,
  24. and he does not withhold ˹what is revealed to him of˺ the unseen.
  25. And this ˹Quran˺ is not the word of an outcast devil.
  26. So what ˹other˺ path would you take?
  27. Surely this ˹Quran˺ is only a reminder to the whole world—
  28. to whoever of you wills to take the Straight Way.
  29. But you cannot will ˹to do so˺, except by the Will of Allah, the Lord of all worlds.

Surah Takwir Urdu Translation

جب سورج کی دھوپ تہہ ہو جائے

اور جب تارے میلے ہو جائیں

اور جب پہاڑ چلائے جائیں

اور جب بیاتی اونٹنیاں چھٹی پھریں

اور جب جنگل کے جانوروں میں رول پڑ جائے

اور جب دریا جھونکے جائیں

اور جب جیوں کے جوڑے باندھے جائیں

اور جب بیٹی جیتی گاڑ دی گئ کو پوچھیں

کہ کس گناہ پر وہ ماری گئ

اور جب اعمالنامے کھولے جائیں

اور جب آسمان کا پوست اتار لیں

اور جب دوزخ دہکائی جائے

اور جب بہشت پاس لائی جائے

جان لے گا ہر ایک جی جو لے کر آیا

سو قسم کھاتا ہوں میں پیچھے ہٹ جانے والوں

سیدھے چلنے دبک جانے والوں کی

اور رات کی جب پھیل جائے

اور صبح کی جب دم بھرے

مقرر یہ کہا ہے ایک بھیجے ہوئے عزت والے کا

قوت والا عرش کے مالک کے پاس درجہ پانے والا

سب کا مانا ہوا وہاں کا معتبر

اور یہ تمہارا رفیق کچھ دیوانہ نہیں

اور اس نے دیکھا ہے اُس فرشتہ کو آسمان کے کھلے کنارہ کے پاس

اور یہ غیب کی بات بتانے میں بخیل نہیں

اور یہ کہا ہوا نہیں کسی شیطان مردود کا

پھر تم کدھر چلے جا رہے ہو

یہ تو ایک نصیحت ہے جہان بھر کے واسطے

جو کوئی چاہے تم میں سے کہ سیدھا چلے

اور تم جبھی چاہو کہ چاہے اللہ سارے جہان کا مالک

Surah Takwir Benefits

  • According to the hadith, he will be under the shade of God’s kindness and grace in the eternal Heaven and its gardens reads Surah Takwir & Surah ‘Abasa.
  • It reminds us of the life hereafter and the day of judgment.
  • Also, it describes the sign of Qiyamat.
  • Read Surah Takwir to expose your enemies.

Surah At-Takwir Full Recited Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais

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Frequently Asked Questions About Surat Takwir

In Which Para Is Surah Takwir?

Surah Takwir is in the last 30th Para of the holy Quran.

How Many Ruku Are There in Surah Takwir?

There’s only one ruku in Surah Takwir

How Long Does It Take to Read Surah Takwir?

Surah Takwir took 2 minutes to read.

Surah Takwir PDF is a very famous surah that describes the day of judgment. Everyone can download this surah in Arabic with English and Urdu translations.